Ages 0-29

Since The Rock opened in April 2000, we purposed that ministry to kids and youth would be primary, not secondary or babysitting. We truly believe that we’re raising up an army of world changers and giant slayers!

Corey and Kristin Theetge

Kids & J12 Pastors

0-5 Year olds

It is our goal for children at the earliest age group to begin to understand who they are in Christ. This begins by teaching them about who God is and what He says about them. Children will learn how to hear from God and will hear from Him.


Children need more than the elementary principles if they are going to continue walking with the Lord. We encourage kids to pray, read their Bibles and actively journal every day. They will establish disciplines that will enable them to grow in their relationship with God throughout their lives


Our focus is reaching a generation before they need to be rescued. Through our L7 (Live the Seven Words) Discipleship program, fun and exciting services, and meaningful events, kids will connect with a real God that has an amazing plan for their lives.  We desire for every child that comes through J12 to echo the words of Jesus at Twelve, "I must be about My Father's business."



@The Rock Kids

Nicole Stark

Jr. High Pastor

Jr. High

6th-8th GRADE



@The Rock Junior High

Our Middle School Ministry is focused on creating an atmosphere where young people genuinely encounter Jesus. By teaching our youth the Word of God and engaging them through our services, we believe that our young people will walk in God's intended purpose for their lives. 

Youth meets every Thursday at 6:45 on our Anaheim campus!

Adonay & Melissa Gutierrez

High School Pastors


9th-12th GRADE



@We Are Jesus Followers

We are here to equip our high schoolers to become who God has called them to be through discipleship and community. This world has led our generation astray for too long but we have answered the call to follow the most loving, trustworthy, faithful King and leader: Jesus Christ! We believe that God is not just trying to get us to heaven but get heaven into us. Life on earth should look different for followers of Jesus, as we bring God’s kingdom to earth.

Youth meets every Thursday at 6:45 on our Anaheim campus!

Jonathan & Marlene Dirmann

Young Adult Pastors


Beyond is for Young Adults ages 18–29 years old. We are empowering a generation to thrive in life and leadership. Don’t do life alone belong to the movement and become who God created you to be.

Beyond meets every Wednesday at 7pm on our Anaheim campus!