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God created each person for a unique purpose and He established that we live out this purpose in meaningful relationships.  Ministry teams are designed to help men and women of all ages discover the plan of God, develop their gifts in a safe and empowering environment, while building meaningful relationships.  We truly believe life is better when we do life and ministry together!



Ages 0-29

In the midst of great confusion, brokenness and isolation among the young in our nation, God is awakening an army of children, youth and young adults who will make disciples of all nations.  Therefore we are committed to training up a generation to love the Lord God with all, to know who they are in Christ, to have the faith and courage to do whatever He says, and to be relentless in fulfilling His plan for their lives.


We believe that children will recognize the word of God and find comfort when they first hear it, in the form of a prayer or declaration. It is during these early years that a child’s foundation is being laid for the rest of his or her life. We endeavor to partner with families to teach them the importance of declaring God’s word over their children and we teach them to speak the word of God through repetition.


It is our goal for the children of this age group to begin to understand who they are in Christ. This begins by teaching them about who God is and what He says about them. Children in this age group will learn how to hear from God and will hear from Him.

1st - 2nd GRADE

Raising up a ”David Generation” means more than just knowing who God is. It also involves teaching beyond the basics. Children need more than the elementary principles if they are going to continue walking with the Lord. We encourage children to pray, read their Bibles and actively journal every day. They will establish disciplines that will strengthen them throughout their lives


3rd-5th GRADE

Our focus in J12 is reaching a generation before they need to be rescued. Through our L7 (Live the Seven Words) Discipleship program, fun and exciting weekend services, and meaningful events, kids are able to connect with a real God that has an amazing plan for their lives.  We desire for every child that comes through J12 to echo the words of Jesus at Twelve, "I must be about My Father's business."


G4 provides a safe, one-on-one caring environment for our special needs children four years through 5th grade.


6th-8th GRADE

Our Middle School ministry is all about engaging the youth of our church with the presence of God. We believe that as we come together to have fun and hear God, receive discipleship and take what we’ve learned into our communities, we fulfill God’s intended purpose for our lives.



9th-12th GRADE

Our High School ministry exists to lead youth to BELONG to God and to family, to BELIEVE in Jesus and each other, and to BE the LOVE of God to everyone they meet. We do this through fun and engaging services, as well as intense discipleship and leadership training.

18-25 YEARS

Revolution is a year-long program designed for young adults to become the man or woman of God that God has called them to be. Each individual grows in freedom, confidence, and purpose through discipleship, character development, and hands-on life skill training.

Beyond is for Young Adults ages 18–29 years old. We are empowering a generation to thrive in life and leadership. Don’t do life alone — Belong to the movement and become who God created you to be. Follow us on Instagram at BeyondRYA.

18-29 YEARS


Luke + Kayla




Jerry Dirmann Ministries provides biblical teachings and resources to ministers, ministries, and individuals all over the world. Jerry Dirmann
Ministries allows those living outside of Anaheim, California to enjoy the teaching, discipleship resources, and ministry of The Rock.


Rock Home Satellites is a network of home based congregations who participate in The Rock, Anaheim's worship services. These small
congregations meet in homes in any location to come, hear and do the word of God.  


We live in a world where strong marriages are harder and harder to find… the kind of strong marriages that can endure the storms of life.  It’s little wonder that the devil attempts to attack marriages in an effort to dismantle the very foundation of our society.  Strong, godly marriages don’t just happen, they are a result of a consistent investment into the strength of their foundation. We believe the foundation of a great, godly marriage consists of biblical truths and focus on God’s perspective of what marriage should be, with a huge dose of fun and fellowship.


Pursue Singles Ministry is a place where we are building solid singles. We are growing a strong community of single believers of all ages through events and ministry. Challenging each other to grow in our walk with God, while doing life together, Pursue provides opportunity to connect and chat about relevant topics, while strengthening each other through times of ministry and prayer. If you have never been married, are divorced, widowed or are a single parent, then this is the community for you.


The Rock Worship is made up of many singers, musicians, writers, artists, technicians, and the like, as we endeavor with a concerted heart to bring something beautiful to God, leading people to have a fresh encounter with Him. Through song, music, or the arts, our aim is to help Build Solid Lives, through anointed worship, bringing glory to God.


It is a powerful thing when mature believers come together to fellowship, share and impart their wisdom and make a difference both inside and outside of the church. Prime Time Senior Ministry is no less vibrant and dynamic than any other ministry at The Rock.  Throughout the year there are events & projects planned as well as multiple ministry opportunities specifically for our seniors. God is powerfully using the seniors of The Rock to play an active role in the life of our church family.



When men come together in an environment of worship and true humility to seek the heart of God and take their God-given place of righteousness & authority, they become giant-slayers for the kingdom of God. No matter the age or cultural background, we believe that building spiritually solid men create men that make a huge impact in their families, marriages, workplaces, ministries, communities… and in every area of their lives.  


Imagine a place where women put aside all pretenses and limitations to wholeheartedly pursue God & walk in love and unity. The need for a relevant and dynamic women’s ministry, and to unify your heart with other like-minded women of God and find authentic relationships is more crucial than ever before. That is what you’ll find when the women of The Rock come together to pursue God & love one another in true agape love.

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