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Supernaturally Fruitful Leadership is our dynamic leadership tier that disciples both those that are already functioning as leaders and those that are called to step into leading.  As Operation Solid Lives (OSL) is focused on personal discipleship, Supernaturally Fruitful Leadership (SFL) is focused on leadership discipleship.  Graduating from Level 2 of OSL is required to take SFL.



Level 1 is designed for those who are currently serving in a leadership capacity or feel called to be a leader. You will discover key principles and biblical truths for dynamic leadership. You will learn to establish the mission and vision for your area of leadership, as well as develop and execute strategies, all the while growing in godly character through biblical discipleship.


Prerequisite: OSL Level 2


Registration cost: $50


Dates:     October 21

Times:     2:30 PM

Location: Word Center Auditorium




Level 2 will help you to become a leader of leaders. You will learn how to take your leadership to the next level and begin to execute strategic plans through other leaders. Discover the difference between leading a team and leading leaders, the power of a scorecard, commissioning and empowering effective leaders, as well as initiating and tracking multiple strategies simultaneously.


Prerequisites: SFL Level 1 & OSL Level 3


Registration cost: $50


Dates:     TBD

Times:    TBD

Location: TBD

Coming Soon!
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